A New Kind of Disney Podcast


In My Disney Opinion (IMDO) is a Disney Podcast all about opinions, your opinions to be preceise. IMDO is a LIVE Radio Show hosted by Mark Petar (FuseMP) and Alyssa Ramsey (Queen Ursula UK), however nothing other than the musical playlist is set up in advance or planned, the show's direction is completley up to the listeners that call in to express their views about anything Disney. And if other listeners disagree with what they are hearing, they can call in too and join the conversation.


Whether it be about Disney Parks, Disney Movies, Disney Management or whether Disney Hotels still have sausages on the breakfast menu; no subject is off limits and all opinions are welcomed whether positive or negative.


As well as the full versions of the shows being broadcast live and available in their complete form in the "Archive"; a condensed version is also released monthly via iTunes and RSS feed; details availabe on the "Podcast" page.


So what are you waiting for? Listen to the next LIVE show, call in and let us know what is In Your Disney Opinon.

Next LIVE Show(s)


Unfortunately Awdio.com seems to have gone bye bye, so I am currently looking at a new method for streaming the show live. We will be back ASAP!


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Your hosts, Mark Petar (@FuseMP)

and Alyssa Ramsey (@Queen_Ursula_UK)